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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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trains have passed. the station manager on duty will be retrained on the proper procedures. looking at sports now. craig salmon with his first start since being recalled from the minors. josh later tied it at 1 in the 5 5th. two on for ryan zimmerman two on a ground rule double. willingham adds the ground rule double and the nats win it 7-2. to football now. more chances to watch the redskins this year. 15 practices opened to the public. thatst big change from the years past. stay with us. much more ahead this morning. your weather, traffic, and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at five continues now. and good morning to you, we are following breaking news that will affect your commute if you take 395 northbound, closed at epsel road.
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much more in a second fromview see. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir phindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. you can feel it cooler out there this morning. >> reporter: can't complain about that. the humidity is improving, and it's going to be a beautiful day. back in the low 80s. >> sounds good. for the first time in weeks, the coolest temperatures in weeks around here. more coming up. all right, looking at the numbers and temperatures. wbi marshall, now 71 degrees. remember yesterday we were still in the 80s. nice improvement over the conditions we have had over here recently. satellite radar, a few showers popping overnight. activity and the clouds with it to sea. there will be a few clouds as we wake up and get out the door.
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then the sun will win out. highs should be in the low 80s. comfortable around here for a change. saving money on the air- conditioning. noticeably cooler than yesterday. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, and 15 to 20 than the day before. winds out of the north and west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. more details on the 4th of july weekend in a minute. >> sounds good. the humidity factor is huge here. thank you, todd. >> yep. what is happening on 395 from julie wright. >> reporter: not a lot has changed and i don't anticipate it will. it's a big cleanup to take part. it's a jackknifed tractor trailer. it was just over the overpass. they have to straighten it out but now clean up the debris and the fuel spilled on the highway. 395 now shut down. you can exit at excel and ride it back to north of the
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accident scene. also to help facilitate the issue, the hov restrictions have been lifted according to vdod but you have limited access to the hov lanes and limited access to them. you can't get back out until you reach the pentagon. that could reach your commute as well. duke street, you can use it as a work around. until further notice, 3895 remaining closed now. this is a live shot of the traffic from the capital beltway,way, and it's trying to close working your way up to duke street. hov lanes again lifted but again lifted access to and from the hov lanes. no problems to report around town. 95, 295 quiet out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5, on time traffic. a verdict in the three men
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accused of covering up the murder of robert juan, and an acquittal of all three. stacey. >> reporter: that's true, all three men accused of killing up for the real killer of robert juan has been found not guilty of covering up charges. the three men continued their refusal to speak publicly even after the verdict. the judge said she did not believe their story about an unknown intruder committing the murder but the judge said she has to rule on the evidence rather than the intuition and said the prosecution simply had not proven their case. >> i think the court's verdict reflects just a lot of time that the judge spent over the evidence, over the testimony, and although whenever you have a homicide, anyone's contact must be regarded as suspicious,
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it never reached proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> robert juan was found stabbed to death in the the dupont home of those three men. his wife still has a wrongful death lawsuit pending. in the meantime, the attorney for joe price will join us later this morning to talk about the verdict later in the 8:00 hour. the other big story we are following this morning, president obama declare and emergency in texas as hurricane alex approaches the mexico- texas border. it could make land fall some time tonight. the category one storm is expected to fall away from the bp oil zone. details are being worked out but the state department says 12 countries and the international organizations helps with the gulf spill. japan providing skimmer, and
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canada with a containment boom. the vice president visited the area and said there's a plan to reopen the fishing waters close in the wake of the bp spill. supreme court nominee elena kagan will be back in the hot seat today. senator sessions grilled her about the ban on military recruiters. at harvard while -- recruiters at harvard while she was there. she said she wanted to make sure they complied their policies. >> i know you're an outspoken leader against the military policy. i know you acted without legal authority to reverse harvard's policy and deny those military equal access to the campus. >> barring any unexpected gafts, elena kagan is expected
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to win the senate approval. general petraeus will be taking over jen stanley mcchrystal. yesterday on the hill, petraeus testified it will be years before the afghan forces it fullly take over. bill clinton may have ruffled a few feathers at the white house. a move by mr. clinton that will likely not make mr. obama very happy. of dealing with more than just mail. we are back after this. it's 5:07. 
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this morning a candidate in the colorado democratic senate primaries is getting a big endorsement. bill clinton throwing his support behind andrew romanoff. that puts him at odds with president obama who strongly backs michael bennett. he advice the him during his presidential campaign. he said colorado is better place pause of romanoff's
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leadership. fellow mail carriers thought kevin coat mace be buying and selling their cottics -- narcotics on the job. police followed him and he stopped at the house of another postal worker and he left with their cottics -- with narcotic and pain pills. >> it has been weeks science anyone has seen kyron on june 4 june 4th and now his father is divorcing his step mom who was the last person to see him when she dropped him off at school. guys, after weeks of heat and humidity. we are getting a break. all the step tails on -- all the details on your forecast. not so good, the traffic.
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we are back at 5:15, and it is time for a check of our weather. >> it is getting better and better out there. i mean it's going to be a beautiful day. right bright sunshine, low humidity. temperatures back in the 80s far change. >> yeah. >> the humidity out of here makes a huge difference. >> all the difference in the world, doesn't it? >> yeah. it takes some getting used to after dealing with it. >> i think steve can get used to it very quickly. >> let's get to it nothing but a good news report. i want to start with the holiday week end and the 4th of july. that's a big one. >> i know. people have outdoor plans, and i have been workologien this all morning, guvir. >> yeah. >> i hear you. >> there it is.
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sunny warm, looking beautiful. back into the low 90s by sunday. why do you look like you're in a state of confusion. it will be beautiful here for the 4th of july. temperatures on the warmer side for saturday and sunday. not the case for today. today not dealing with the 90s for the first time in nine days. dallas 90. bw marshall, 92. all kinds of records falling for the month of june, including the warmest june ever. 18 days where the temperature hit 92, but we will have a nice break today. let's not worry about it for this hour. 21 degrees. we lost a couple of degrees the last few minutes. leonardtown, waking up to 68 and 72 in annapolis. it will be strange with the highs only in the low 80s. dew point in the upper 40s and
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lower 50s it will be a fairly comfortable for the end of june. there's the cloud cover and the showers with an area of low pressure developing aiowa long the delmarva peninsula. it's possible a few of us could see a sprinkle. mostly sunny skies, and again a quiet weather pattern for the next several days right through the holiday weekend. it's going to be a good looking forecast into the 4th. lots of sunshine, cooler, less humid than yesterday. winds out of the north and west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. tonight, perhaps open the windows, and sen joy the air. upper 50s outside of the beltway. thursday and friday looking beautiful. highs in the low 80s. we warm up this weekend but we stay dry. outdoor plans plans and picnics, should be dry with the highs in the low 90s by sunday. that's weather. that's cooperating, i don't think traffic is cooperating. julie has the latest with.
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that. >> reporter: the last few days major incidents on the highways. today not deny this. 395 northbound as you approach axel road. you can go no further than axel road if you're going northbound. police hope to have a few lanes open in the next 5 to 10 minutes but right now the traffic is being diverted. you can ride the ramps to go north of the accident scene. to the top north, that's the hov lanes. the important thing ability that the hov lanes have been lifted to leaveuate the -- to relieve the tieups. again, limited access to and from the hov lanes once you get into them. you cannot dump out of them into the pentagon. pick out your alternate route
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carefully. there's always the option of the duke street. we are told they hope to have some lanes open here within the next 10 to 15 minutes. we will definitely keep an eye on this for you. we have reporting that the block off at university boulevard jammed up because of the overnight construction in play. nothing to report from college park and bafesda. changing in the pool practices after a 6-year-old drown. fox 1's taryn gray houston has the -- karen gray houston has the details. >> reporter: kids love to swim, they get excited about it, and they not i thissing about safety when they -- thinking about safety when they jump boo the water. these kids have adults to think about it for them. >> we have the responsible
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counselors that will get in the re they have bathing suits to keep a closer eye on the children. >> reporter: even having adults is not a promise. three life guards were on the grounds when a 6-year-old died while swimming in a pool. >> we should be at a zero tolerance at our pools. a number of issues stem from the basic upfront issues. >> reporter: the emergency bill calling for an appropriate review of number of life guards to swimmers and they want the availability of automatic defiblators for each pool and they want to install an automatic drowning system in the public schools but would that guarantee no problem?
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? >> i have not notice thed no problems -- the no life guards problem. >> reporter: harry thomas says one thing he wants to look into, new high-tech life saving devices. soft the device may be applicable to detecting people on the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> we are awaiting the findings of the investigation of the drowning. we will take friday on the show. every week in july. >> our first stop, leesburg. if you're in the area or want to take a road trip we would love to meat you at -- to meet you at the historic courthouse lawn on friday from 6:00 to 10:00. up next though. ♪ [music ] >> okay, we are going to take a break and come right back. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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[ chanting ] >> librarians are typically known for telling people to be quiet, but they came to washington to make noise. >> dozens of librarians are calling on congress to pay attention to what librarians need across the can unitary. -- across the country.
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the name steinway goes with pianos. >> not one, two two, -- not two, but 28 of the best made pianos in the world because of a huge donation. ♪ [music ] . >> reporter: before you can make beautiful music, you have to do some heavy lifting. en a loading dock -- on a loading dock at george washington university, they had to see it to believe it or in this case, hear it to believe it. >> it's overwhelming me. it's absolutely inspiring. >> reporter: a donor blessed gw's department of music with 278 new pianos. >> we thought it was just great. thank you very much. >> reporter: they are not just any they are steinways. the retail price $60,000 to 120 thousands dollars. karen is the chair of the department of music.
5:26 am
>> i would like to say it's american craft at the best. >> reporter: it's arguably the most famous name in pianos. as for the name of the donor, you won't hear. that the donor has chosen to remain unanimous. >> the donor said i would like to go ahead and fund the purchase of the steinway grant and he said i would like to fund all eight grants they needed and we said we would like to become an all steinway school, and he said i would like to fund that. >> reporter: all of it? >> all of it it was a magnificent gift. >> sometimes you don't know why or when or who. that is one of those. >> i'm perfectly content with that. >> reporter: the largest one is this one. the message from the professor, students better be resting up over summer break. >> we do expect them to
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practice well enough to come to their lessons and rehearsals very well prepared. >> reporter: with instruments like this, they will expecting an encore. in foggy bottom, beth parker. fox 5 news. we still have a lot more for you this morning on fox 5 news. the big troubles this morning on the road that could affect your commute. north 395 shut down. an update from julie. stay with us.
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beautiful start to your wednesday, june 30, 2010. a live look at the nation's capital, and the humidity, man for the time being, it's out of here. >> definitely feeling better than what we have had for the last few weeks. checking to get an idea of where we stand. the clouds across the area. the sunshine will definitely be a -- it's going to win out here today. i was trying to think of a nice way to put it sunny day, very present. high temperatures in the low 80s, and the humidity for a change in the pleasant range. >> yeah, you know the temperatures being up in the 90s is okay as long as the humidity not there. >> yesterday's daytime high was 92 but it didn't feel so bad because the humid was not 98 -- humidity was not 98%. 10 degrees cooler than
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yesterday. frederick down to 61 degrees. winn chester, you're -- winn -- winchester, there's clouds across the area. what is going on here, the frontal system with an area of low pressure growing along the frontal system. you can see the showers into the carolinas. that will move out to sea as the area of pressure is drug along with it. we will turn mostly sunny by late morning early afternoon, the highs in the low 20s. over-- 80s. overnight lows in the 60s. we expect to be dry through the weekend it will be a good looking seven-day forecast. cooler than yesterday. 8 it degrees, and less humidity as well. i will have more details on the weekend forecast. with he have a warmup in store. when it will arrive in a few minutes. >> trouble on the road this morning. checking with julie to see how things are going. >> we are keeping an eye on the
5:32 am
mess on northbound 395 at edsall road. if you're traveling northbound on 39 5, they allowed some traffic to squeeze by with the two left lanes. a portion of 395 has now been reopened for those of you trying to get past edsall road. we have two left lane roads getting by. some of the traffic being diverted to the north it will be well north of the activity, but that's the big change. we now have two left lanes getting binorth of edsall road toland mark. again the hov rules have been lifted on 395 and 95 to help seize the tieups -- ease the tieups but once you get into the lanes you can't get out until you get into the pentagon. pick your alternate routes
5:33 am
carefully. this is the ma backup to edsall, and now two lanes are getting by to the left. elsewhere, highing out of hyatttown, overnight road work with traffic squeezing by to the right. thatst a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our top story this morning a decision has been made in the trial of the three men accused of covering up the murder robert juan. the judge acquitted all three on the obstruction of justice charges. stayty c -- stacey cohan has more. >> reporter: the judge said it had to be based on what was presented in court more than what she believed in her gut. they were charged charged charged with cover up --
5:34 am
charged with covering up the person who murdered juan. she said there was not enough evidence to convict them of obstruction of justy. she said my focus -- justice. she said my focus on the moral certainty is probably cold comfort to those who loved robert juan, and i'm extremely sorry for this. >> we all understand and accept the judge's verdict. it was thoughtful, it was well reasoned, and you know we can only hope that further evidence continues to come to light. >> reporter: although robert juan's widow was clearly emotional for the three defendants, the prosecutors admit they don't know who killed robert juan or why.
5:35 am
in the meantime katherine juan, the widow, has filed a $20 million wrongful death lawsuit against the defendants. i'm stacey cohan, back to you. >> the attorney for joe price will be joining us later in the studio to talk about the verdict at 8:00. tomorrow, three alleged russian spies are expected to be in federal court to learn if they will continue to be held in custody. the three suspects were arrest sunday in alexandria where they have been living. all are accused of using fake identity to get fake information from washington insiders to send it back to moscow. court documents say national security was never at risk. president obama declared an emergency in texas as hurricane alex approaches the land. it's moving through the webb gulf, headed for the mexico- texas border. it could make land fall later
5:36 am
tonight. skimming operations for the oil spill are on hold but the storm is not affecting the work at l -- at the well side. -- well site. japan is providing oil skimmers and canada will provide containment booms. vice president joe biden visited the area yesterday. he said there are plans to reopen fishing waters close in the wake of the spill. should be another marathon day of questioning in the confirmation hearings of elena kagan. elena kagan facing tough questions yesterday. jeff sessions grilling her about the ban on military recruiters at harvard lawsuit. she said it wasn't about protesting the don't ask-don't tell policy that she opposes. >> all i was trying to do was ensure that harvard law school could also comply with the
5:37 am
antidiscrimination policy. a policy meant to protect all the students of our campus including the gay and lesbian students who may want to serve if the military. >> senator sessions say he doesn't believe her and she is going on with the white house spin on the incident. the senate already confirmed general petraeus as the new general in the war of afghanistan. he is taking over for general mcchrystal who was forced to resign after he made statements about the president to rolling stone bag magazine. -- stone magazine. the teenager who tried to sail around the world by herself and talking about her adventure, what she had to say, next. a warning about a popular diabetes drug and how could be linked to a deadly problem. more about the market if you can stomach this from
5:38 am
yesterday. more at 6:20. were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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dc teachers have a new contract. the dc city council unanimously approved the deal. the teachers had gone without a contract for two years. it includes a 21% pay increase. the chancellor is also given more power to remove the poor teachers from the classrooms. the teenager who tried to sail around the world is back home and talking about her
5:41 am
adventure. abby sunderland was saved a couple of weeks ago. she was trying to become the youngest person to sail around the world. >> i'm living proof things don't work out has arizona you plan. you can only plan as -- plan so far in an adventure. i hope i have inspired some people. >> she hopes to write a book about her journey that ended earlier than she thought. we have a follow up to the health alert we brought you yesterday. warnings about a popular diabetes drug, and how it may be linked to your heart problems. the community may be look -- the commute may be looking better this hour. we will check with julie. that's coming up. it's 5:41. ioas8.
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welcome back. we are starting to get the sun up earlier. 5:44 right now. the best thing you're going to find when you walk outside it will feel good come faired to -- compared to what we have seen. who would have thought 70 degrees feels good? >> fantastic when you're not talking about the 80s at 5:00 in the morning. we are talking about low 60s in
5:45 am
places like frederick. thatst a great start. the dew points are in the 40s. winds out the north at 10 to 15- miles aen hour. there's a few clouds out there to start the day, but it should be a mostly sunny afternoon. a nice one. the temperature trend over the next few days, let's get to it. for once, the trend is our friend. the next few days below average. the average daytime high now, 87. of course weapon have -- of course we have spent the better part of the last two days above. that warming up back into the weekend with the highs in the upper 80s to 90 on saturday and warming up for the 4th of july. 71 in washington. 6 is 1 in gaithersburg. in the 50s in frederick. 59 in frederick at last look. great start. martinsburg, you're at 60. winchester, even the warmer spots not bad.
5:46 am
leonardtown, 68. temperatures later today as i just showed you in the lower 80s. should be plenty of sunshine, and lower humidity. all the makings for a nice looking afternoon as we enjoy the last day of june here. satellite radar, cloud cover and showers developing here. it's weak one off the delmarva peninsula. we have overnight rain and all of that pushing off the coast. with high pressure to the north and west, we should see a mostly sunny day today, and it should be really nice for the next couple of days. the high pressure anchors across the washington area. that's hurricane alex. looking impressive here for the june storm, and the first hurricane in the atlantic since 1995. it's been about 15 years, and it continues to push off to the west, northwest at 7 miles an hour. should make land fall later tonight or first part of thursday morning along the northern border of mexico and
5:47 am
texas. bringing 6 to 12 inches. it will be a soaking rain as if moves across texas over the next 24 to 36 hours. today, sunshine, low humidity. winds out of the west at 5 to 10-mile the an hour. overnight -- 10 miles an hour. overnight, fantastic. we warm up by the 4th of -- by the 4th of july on under. it should be dry. headed out to the fireworks on sunday evening, the conditions should be perfect. that's a look at weather. let's get to traffic. julie wright with a series of messes but things are quieting down? >> reporter: i wouldn't say quieting down, but better news along 395 at edsall road. the incident with the jackknifed tractor trailer has cleared. all lanes have been reopened. northbound 395 as you travel in the direction of edsall road.
5:48 am
the ax happen -- accident lifting the hov rules. this is the aftermath, the affect afterwards, the hov lanes out of woodbridge and and this is the main line out of the prince william parkway. both crawling at this point. we have all lanes open. thatst good thing, but you know we got the word out earlier enough that people started to flood the hov lanes and got an early start on 495 that is jammed now. the traffic headed up to springfield. by contract the beltway running smoothly no problems to report. route 4 with the outer loop getting by. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. in our health alert this morning, an experimental drug is offering hope for skin
5:49 am
cancer patients hlp4032. it targets the jean that -- the gene that affects melanoma. it could get fda approval as early as next spring. dc is the only place in the country where the obesity rates dropped over the last year it has fewer obese residents than any other state except colorado and massachusetts. maryland was 28th. virginia in the middle of the pack. will a popular diabetes drug be pulled off the market? that's the question after showing avandia may be causing heart attacks. melanie is breaking down both sides of the debate. >> reporter: this pink pill is causing confusion. does it lead to heart attacks and deaths or not? >> i would like to read and see
5:50 am
a couple of studies that were done so i would be comfortable. >> reporter: in 2007 after a review of clinical trials and reports adverse events, the food and drug administration required a black box warning, the agency ice strongest -- agency's strongest. it says it can lead to increased lewd and there's an increased risk of heart attack. dr. gandia says she stopped prescribing it a few years ago after seeing troubling side effects. >> leaking, fluid retention, the shortness of breathe. >> reporter: the safety will be reviewed again in july and conflicting studies are fanning the controversy. one says it may protect the
5:51 am
heart. >> we have other medications that have been on the market for awhile. >> reporter: some have found success through the lifestyle changes. >> you have to change your eating habits, and you have to exercise. exercise is the number one cure. >> reporter: but most will need to rely on effective, safe drugs for a lifetime. melanie alnwick. >> if you're concerned do not stop taking the drug without talking to your doctor. the maker of the drug said their clinical tries did not find any increased -- trials did not find any increased risks. the iphone with a new carrier? that's coming up next. the nationals flashing leather as they try to snap their losing streak. the highlights after the break.
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all right taking a look at sports right now, the nationals looking to break a five-game losing strike in atlanta. josh willingham with the nice catch in left. two on for ryan zimmerman, hitting-run ground rule double it will bounce out. 3-1 nats, willingham will add the two-run homer in the game, and the gnats go on to win 7-2. the birds trying to jump start their offense in the 7th 7th.
5:55 am
raja davis is. there he is gone by a long shot. the a's beat the o's, 4-2. the washington wizardses making another move yesterday. acquiring a forward from the new jersey nets. the wizards also traded ross to the nets and got an undisclosed amount of cash. he averages a career high of 12 points and 7 boards last season. the move is consistent the as the wizards try to put together a team to deal with the future. many other team prefer the financial flexibility ahead of the controversy. lindsey harding with the triple ball. the hook and then the foul, the mystic win 68-65. improving to 10-8 on the season. wimbledon now, serena williams, no problems winning 6-
5:56 am
5, 6-3. her sister did not do as good. he was stunned by the lowest ranked woman left in the turnment. venus going down in an hour and 25 minutes. 6-2, 6-3. in cape town, south africa, a big time match with spain andport gall. -- portugal. morton stopped twice. s pay the only goal of the match. spain moving on to the quarter files. up next, the winner of spain and pare japan trying to tie it -- and paraguay. japan trying to tie it on the cross bar. paraguay could win it if they get it. cool, calm, and collected. winning on the penalty kicks for the final eight for the
5:57 am
first time in their history. more opportunities to see the red redskins -- the redskins at straining camp from july 29 july 29th through august 18 august 18th. >> thank you. straight ahead at 6:00 this morning, one of the alleged russian spies is doing anything but keeping a low pro profile. why -- profile. why she is copping up all over the -- popping up all over the internet. we will check with julie to see how the roads are looking when fox 5 this morning returns. 
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